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The Human Lighthouse Report Volume 2

Many of us have at least one individual that completely changed the course of our lives through acts of kindness. The Peete family has been incredibly impactful throughout my journey. Their son, RJ, struggles with autism and the Peete family took his story and turned it into a foundation which is helping others who are struggling turn their doubts into a destination.

I call these people “human lighthouses”. They provide light and hope in uncertain times, with their help we can make it on the right path. You’re probably wondering, who are these lighthouses? What do they do that makes them so impactful? On a weekly basis we cover some of these stories of real people making a big impact on their communities to help us find our more common story. Gregory Wilson

Gregory Wilson is the president of the Peoria Public School Board in Illinois. His current mission is to get books that provoke thought, change, and inspiration to teens held in Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center. He says, “It really can make a difference to how they view life currently.”

Wilson believes in the power that reading has - this inspired the idea for the Mind Over Matter book drive, which began on September 2nd. Currently, he is partnering up with 19 local churches and a host of community leaders and organizations to collect life-changing books. George Wilson has a goal which is very similar to my own, and that is to change the trajectory of someone’s life through a single story. George is a good leader because he gives 100% to his goal of helping others. He remains true to his word, and is always there to help.

Pranshu Singhal

Pranshu Singhal is an Ashoka fellow and the founder of Karo Sambhav, an organization which works on improving recycling and waste management by helping informal workforces have formal mechanics. This past week, he was awarded the title of “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

Singhal says that the problem isn’t finding a solution, it’s finding an effective way to implement it. He said, “We are reaching the point of no return, we are today in the decade of action and change is unlikely if we act without collective push. We need a movement where organisations, enterprises, governments collaborate and co-create solutions,” he said after receiving the award in a virtual ceremony.”

Pranshu’s goal is to help our planet by showing that people from all sectors can work together towards a solution. Brittany K. Barnett

Originally a lawyer, Brittany K. Barnett left the corporate world to found the Buried Alive project, a nonprofit that works to gain clemency for those sentenced for life under nonviolent drug offenses which are since outdated. With the help of other lawyers, she has helped free over 40 unjustly sentenced individuals. Barnett’s goal is to do more than just free them, it’s to help them life a sustainable life post-imprisonment. She says, “I have this vision of creating sustainable liberation. What that looks like for me includes economic liberation” Throughout her career, Barnett has accomplished many amazing things, and is only looking toward the future. She credits her father as a sort of “lighthouse” figure and says he told her to “stop looking at the problems, and start looking at the possibilities”. Brittany leads by doing. She sees a problem and actively works to fix it and hopes that others will join in. Do you have a Lighthouse you want to thank?

Human Lighthouses are often humble, steady, and seek no reward. That is why they should be honored that much more. If you have a Lighthouse you want to thank, go to and fill in their information. A thank you certificate with a special message of recognition will be sent to them that includes their name, your name, and is signed by The Lighthouse Effect author Steve Pemberton.

Lighthouse Effect Thought of The Week

Anyone and everyone is capable of making a change in people’s lives whether that’s through small things like random acts of kindness, or even something bigger like starting a book drive, helping the planet, or liberating those in need. The Lighthouse Effect is the idea that any of us - immersed in the hustle and bustle of our lives, wrestling with our own ambitions and imperfections - can pause, and change the arc of the life of another-and find one for ourselves.

See a video about The Lighthouse Effect:

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